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Aviopolis—A Book About Airports

Aviopolis—A Book About Airports

Aviopolis is the first book-length critical study of how information, architecture, people and machines are converging into a new urban form dominated by logistics. The Aviopolis project presents a unique approach to the study of airports, blending cutting-edge cultural analysis with rich visual material, and contributes to debates on globalisation, urbanism, information, architecture and the politics of mobility.

Airports are cities of mobility their citizens are passengers who form a migratory population that must negotiate and infrastructure that is perpetually upgrading. The contemporary airport offers 'laboratory conditions; to alayse the global interconnections of life in the information age. 

This project is a multimedia collaboration between theorist, Dr.Gillian Fuller, and artist, Professor Ross Rudesch Harley, featuring original photographs of Kansai, Narita, Changi, JFK, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Schiphol, Sydney, Pudong, Dulles, and other high-traffic international airports; archival research from the birth of the jet-age; and studies of air traffic from the morning of September 11.


Black Dog Publishing

Published date

June, 2004

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