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Struck is three-channel digital video installation that critically addresses the complexities of being diagnosed with a neurological disease. Comprised of a combination of black and white photographic, video, graphic and textual images, the work is projected onto the walls of an enclosed space. Completely submersing the visitor, the installation makes reference to the process and visual outcomes of Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) techniques. Image, text and sound draw audiences into the turbulence and confusion of an emotional experience of disease, and the relationship between this experience and medical imaging technologies. This tension between the understanding of the medical professional proficient in a jargon of imagery and the comparatively illiterate patient highlight our inexorable relationship with scientific discourse and technology. Struck examines the anxiety-producing disconnect between the external and experienced reality of the individual “struck” with disease, and the pathological imagery, remotely accessed, of the unfamiliar interior.

Struck was the recipient of a Harries National Digital Art Award in 2006, and has been exhibited at: Market of the Mind—National Science Week, Department of Science, Training and Innovation, QV Square, Melbourne Victoria, 2010; Level 2 Contemporary Art Projects, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2007; International Digital Art Exhibition, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, 2006; National Digital Art Awards, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, 2006; and Remapped Realities, Eyebeam Gallery, New York, 2005.

The production of Struck was supported by a fully-funded artist-in-residency for Michele Barker at the Eyebeam Moving Image Studio, Eyebeam Gallery, New York, 2004.

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