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The Fibreculture Journal

The Fibreculture Journal

The Fibreculture Journal was first published in 2003 as the peer-reviewed, academic journal for the international Fibreculture community. Run by an international Editorial Board and Committee and affiliated with Open Humanities Press as of 2008, the Journal is fully supportive of Open Access communities and practices. It aims to facilitate discussion concerning the role of digital and networked media in the corporatisation of intellectual work. It also seeks to open and maintain dialogue centred on the ways in which networks give rise to diverse possibilities for engagement outside of the corporation. 

The Fibreculture Journal works transversally, not only across disciplines, but also across different aspects of social and political life. The Journal encourages submissions in a variety of digital formats, including database composition and electronic installation. Its key focal points include contemporary media arts, networking, technological innovation in new media and programming, and exploring the interstice between computer and other applied sciences, and projects borne of an artistic sensibility. 


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Anna Munster (Editorial Committee Member)
Ross Harley (Editorial Committee Member)
Andrew Murphie (Editor and Editorial Committee Member)
Susan Ballard (Editor and Editorial Committee Member)
*Full list of Editors and members of the international Editorial Board and Committee here

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