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Earth V Sky

Earth V Sky is a computerised installation situated waterside at Rozelle Bay in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. Conceived as a compliment to the City of Sydney’s large-scale upgrade of the Glebe area, the work consists of a series of coloured LED lights, an IP security camera, a small, single board computer, and a wind turbine. Earth V Sky comes to life every evening at sunset, when it begins its ode to the heavens; bathing its arborial subjects in compositions of light. These LED compositions are formulated by the world’s first colour-sensitive public light control system, which was developed specifically for this artwork.

Designed to analyse the colour pallete of the sky through a series of photographs (with one taken every five seconds), this system is able to respond to the evolving hues of Sydney's twilight, which it does by adjusting the light it casts to create a direct contrast.Sydney’s first wind turbine powers the artwork, and returns to the grid a greater amount of energy than it needs to operate. Thus, Earth V Sky embodies an ideal union between public art project and community engagement with innovative infrastructure and sustainability. 

The technological components of this project were developed in partnership with the University of New South Wales; The House of Laudanum; Lighting, Art and Science; Urban Green Energy; and the City of Sydney. Earth V Sky was supported by the City of Sydney and the University of New South Wales.