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Expanding Social and Assistive Robotics through creative experimentation
Virtual reality safety training programs which have revolutionised health and safety practices in the international mining industry with AVIE and iDome interface technology.
Scenario is an interactive video work based on transactions between users and autonomous digital characters featuring artificial intelligence. Over the course of three acts, users explore an immersive, responsive landscape and carry out tasks together to complete the narrative sequence.
18 July 2014 to 30 August 2014
Exploring the boundaries and intersections of experimental practice in design thinking, speculative design, participatory and co-design
Current appointment(s):

Head, Special Projects, Museum Victoria
Associate Director, iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research
Adjunct Professor, RMIT University
Adjunct Professor, Applied Laboratory of Interactive Visualisation and Embodiment (ALiVE), City University, Hong Kong

Virtual Museum Transnational Network (v-must)
International Society of Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM, IEEE)
Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)


Professor Sarah Kenderdine researches at the forefront of interactive and immersive experiences for museums and galleries. She is considered a pioneer in the field digital heritage, digital humanities and big data visualisation and is a regular keynote speaker at related forums internationally. 
Research into interactive visualisation has worked toward the development of a platform that can explore the kinaesthetic dimensions of virtual reality.
DomeLab is  the first ultra-high resolution (4K) experimental fulldome in Australia.
Developments in digital media have provided a framework for new approaches to cultural heritage. The technological mediation of historically significant sites allows users to remotely access and explore these spaces, uncovering their multilayered significance from a distance.