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A reinterpretation of Aboriginal Central Desert art focussing on its relationship with bodily sensations and sensibilities.
Analysing contemporary visual art produced in the context of conflict and trauma from a range of countries, including Colombia, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Australia.

Improvisation Technologies, A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye

Improvisation Technologies A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye was developed by Volker Kuchelmeister in collaboration with American born choreographer William Forsythe as a "digital dance school" in the form of an interactive computer installation.
This monograph commissioned for dOCUMENTA (13) discusses the potential for innovation in socio-ecological systems, and explores the possibility of a transdisciplinary revolution instigated by an increased influence of ecological thinking on ways of working.
A collection of scholarly contributions alongside original works documenting the experimental, multidisciplinary rise of digital arts in the pre-Silicon Valley 1960s