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Professor Anna Munster

Professor Anna Munster


Associate Professor Anna Munster is the Deputy Director of NIEA. She has international profile as both a practitioner and prominent theorist in art. Munster has two published books: Materializing New Media (Dartmouth College Press, 2006) and An Aesthesia of Networks (MIT Press, 2013). She has been a Chief Investigator on ARC Linkage and Discovery Projects focused on new media, visualisation and digital art. These include  "The Body-Machine Interface in New Media Art from 1984 to the Present, 2003–5" and "Dynamic Media: Innovative social and artistic uses of dynamic media in Australia, Britain, Canada and Scandinavia since 1990." The latter project resulted in a publicly accessible online database profiling innovation and research by artists, theorists and media producers. Another ARC project, "Reconsidering Australian Media Art Histories," also resulted in an online database that examined and documented Australian contributions to and impact on the field of Media Arts. 

Munster is also a founding member of the online, peer-reviewed journal, The Fibreculture Journaland has co-edited two special Fibreculture issues on Distributed Aesthetics and the Web 2.0.

Munster is a successful multimedia artist who regularly collaborates with Dr Michele Barker, and she is also a research leader of the Contemporary Culture, Art & Politics group (CCAP).