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Thinking in the World Book Series (Bloomsbury) by Jill Bennett and Mary Zournazi


Interview with Michel Serres
Interviewer & Director: Dr Mary Zournazi; Film Editor: Peter Crombie

Thinking in the World Book Series (Bloomsbury) by Jill Bennett and Mary Zournazi

Professor Jill Bennett and Dr Mary Zournazi are editors of a new book series Thinking in the World published by Bloomsbury Academic. 

Thinking in the World combines the work of key thinkers to pioneer a new approach to the study of thought. Responding to a pressing need in both academic and wider public contexts to account for thinking as it is experienced in everyday settings, the series explores our thinking relationship to everything from illness, to built environments, to ecosystems and the digital world.  

Bringing together phenomenology with recent trends in cognitive science and the arts, this unique field-defining collection illuminates thinking as a practical activity. It interweaves a series of distinctive essays and commentaries into a compelling whole, constituting a new framework and set of resources for analysing thinking in real-world situations. Rather than simply thinking about the world, the authors examine the ways in which we think in and with the world in its physical, material and social dimensions. A philosophy of thinking in action, it provides a multifaceted but sustained account of neurobiological experience and its inexorable connection to the world.

The first book in the series, Eyes by renowned philosopher Michel Serres has been published. Dr Zournazi wrote and directed a filmed interview with Serres, in which he talks about his book Eyes. This interview can be viewed above. Alternatively, it can be accessed through this link.

A Reader to accompany the series is forthcoming. 



25 Aug 2016


Professor Jill Bennett
Dr Mary Zournazi