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RIMA by SQUIDSILO (aka Julie Vulcan & Ashley Scott): Performance & Installation

Photo credit: Julie Vulcan with text adapted from Lena Constante

RIMA by SQUIDSILO (aka Julie Vulcan & Ashley Scott): Performance & Installation

Event dates

Thursday, 6 August, 2015


6 August 2015 - 6:00pm

Event times

Thursday: 6 August 2015, 6:00-9:00 pm

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RIMA is a performance installation and digital media work that conceptually addresses strategies for survival by way of poetically re-framing the facts behind the effects of solitary confinement and isolation into a fictional present/future. Notions around stimulus and memory are played out through the performers movement within the physical space (proximity, sound, touch) and the data collection of distinct environmental changes (cold, hot, light, dark), which trigger strategically placed sensors collated by a computer program. This in turn dispatches a relational virtual text stream delivered to a live webpage and/or twitter feed (twitter fiction). The overall effect is a mimic of real-time thoughts, responses and actions, which over the twelve hours build into a fictional narrative somewhere between an indistinct present and a sci-fi future.

“Words take time. They can’t tell it all at once. How can this anxiety be expressed? I would need a single word. A word that creates a synthesis. A crushing blow of a word. A thunderclap word. A blood-soaked word. Shrieked from a throat choking with anxiety. The waiting in the hollow of my stomach. My heart squeezed by horror. The dread that tugs in my chest, high up, a place, a point on the left, where usually there is nothing. My heart. A flesh word. A blood word. This word does not exist.”

Lena Constante The Silent Escape: Three Thousand Days in Romanian Prisons. 1995

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RIMA is part of the art program for The End(s) of Electronic Literature -  Electronic Literature Conference and Festival, Bergen, Norway Aug 4 – 7 2015. RIMA is remotely hosted in Sydney by Contemporary Culture Art and Politics, a research group of the National Institute for Experimental Arts UNSW Art & Design.

RIMA premiered at The Lock-Up Cultural Centre in Newcastle 20 – 22 March 2015 and was developed during Artist in Residence at the Lock-Up and Bundanon Trust in 2013.

The performance will be staged over a 12 hour period from 6pm with a live feed into the Lydgalleriet in Bergen as part of the The End(s) of Electronic Literature-Electronic Literature Conference and Festival program in Norway. 

Last audience admission is at 8.30pm.  

RIMA by SQUIDSILO and its associated Event A Flesh Word | A Blood Word  a lecture with panel discussion are part of the CCAP program.

About the performers 

SQUIDSILO, formed in 2010, is committed to exploring new ways of creating and developing work that inhabit multiple simultaneous spaces and incorporate the physical and the virtual.

Julie Vulcan, a UNSW Art & Design alumni, is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans performance, installation, durational and site-specific work.Transience and transcendence inform an interest in archived remains and constructed histories. The veracity of mediated memory prompt questions around the motivations behind how we remember, record and rewrite our actions, bodies and traces - past, present and future. Julie has created solo and collaborative works and toured nationally and internationally, most recently at the Venice Performance Art Week, Performatorium Canada, Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival Chicago and SPILL festival of Performance UK.

Ashley Scott is a musician and media artist whose extensive experience in computing informs his practice. Ashley’s work incorporates mixed audio/visual arts practice involving live music, commissions, gallery works and installation. Recent works include the sound score for Deborah Pollard’s Yowza Yowza Yowza, UOW 2014; Carnival of Animal, Articulate Gallery Sydney, 2013 and music performances Dunedin NZ 2014 & 2011, Formatfest Adelaide and Phnom Penh, 2012.







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Julie Vulcan
Ashley Scott