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Knot Space: A Participatory Event

Immediations partners engaged in collaborative ‘re search-creation’,...

Knot Space: A Participatory Event

Event dates

Monday, 8 December, 2014

Event times

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Research areas

8 December - 13 December 2014
A Participatory Event by Invitation 

(UNSW Art and Design Postgraduate Research Students may inquire about participation. Please contact: Anna Munster, )

When we think and make we enter zones and intervals before the thing we are wrestling with has really taken form; spaces and durations saturated and whirling with all kinds of intensities that have not yet settled. These are ‘knot spaces’ – feeling, thinking regions in which our excitement about or frustration with generating a concept, a practice, or an artwork is keenest. Knot space is a participatory event that explores composing with these intensities, generating entangled zones of heightened affectivity and thought across spatial, aural and movement practices.

For four days, the reception level of UNSW Galleries will be taken over by knot-based processes, becoming a hive for ravelling and unravelling creation-in-process. The gallery will host artists, philosophers, international and Australian partners of the Immediations project, who will work together with UNSW Art and Design postgraduates and researchers. Together participants will work on ‘knots’ of ‘research-creation’, focussing on bringing out the rigorous thinking that informs art work and making, and the creativity that goes into thinking. Knot space will include collective concept discussion about art, media and event spaces and invite postgraduate creative practioners and thinkers to bring their own knots along to be tangled or undone.


UNSW Galleries
UNSW Art & Design
Cnr of Oxford Street and Greens Road
Paddington NSW 2021


Associate Professor Anna Munster