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DomeLab premiere at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

DomeLab premiere at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC)

Event dates

Saturday, 29 August, 2015

Event times

Till 21st December 2015. Open from 8.00am - 10pm, 7 days per week

With the support of the MCIC, DomeLab’s global premiere showcased a diverse range of sixteen immersive visualisation applications from simulation science in astrophysics (revealing the how dark matter affects the large scale structure of the universe) to tiny structures captured from 3D microCT scans.  Sarah Kenderdine also created two new shows: a trailer for the MCIC showcasing UNSW innovation projects and spectacular real-time exhibition of ultra high resolution scans of circular Indigenous desert landscape paintings.
Drew Berry from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, also produced a new animation for DomeLab called “Blood” that revealed a built-to-scale visualization of the Rhinovirus, aka, the common cold magnified by 100 000 000X.  The theme of medical visualization will be extended when DomeLab is installed as part of the touring schedule at EPIC (the Expanded Interaction and Perception Centre), a world leading visualization centre at UNSW Art & Design due to be operational by June 2016. A collaboration between UNSW Art & Design and Medicine, DomeLab as part of EPIC, will allow designers to work with medical researchers to create immersive complex and meaningful data sets. Throughout its exhibition at the MCIC, DomeLab was introduced to scientists, who immediately saw the opportunity for their research:
“What I really want to do is to go under the dome and get inside a cancer cell. I want to walk around inside it and see all the structures and connectivity, and I believe that will lead to new drugs to penetrate those cells” Peter Gunning (Head of Medicine, UNSW)
A number of ARC LIEF partner workshops including key technicians were held in preparation for the start of the DomeLab touring season. It provided an opportunity for the partners to meet, engage in knowledge exchange about the system and explore future paths for content development. Topics discussed included: the logistics of touring DomeLab including costs, certifications and power requirements; content development; installation schedules; and workshops schedules.

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Prof Sarah Kenderdine (UNSW & Museum Victoria)
Prof Paul Bourke (UNSW)
Prof Dennis Del Favero (UNSW)
Prof Michael Thielscher (UNSW)
Prof Martin Nakata (UNSW)
A/Prof Shawn Ross (MCQ)
Prof Paul Arthur (UWS)
Prof Christopher Lueg (UTas)
A/Prof Stefan Greuter (RMIT)
Prof Ross Gibson (UCanberra)
Prof Jeffrey Shaw (City U Hong Kong)
Dr Lynda Kelly (ANMM)
Mr Tim Hart (Museum Victoria)
Ms Margo Neale (NMA)
Mr Drew Berry (WEHI)
Intersect Australia


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